Tuesday, December 31, 2013

20 weeks...half way there!!!

December 29th we were 20 weeks, half way through our pregnancy!! The little one is now the size of a mango and about 10.08 inches and 10.58 ounces! Growing so much!! Our little one is developing more regular sleep patters this week!! Today was the best day ever! We found out the gender!!!! ITS A..... Healthy baby :) we will reveal to our family and friends tonight at 7!!!!! Stay tuned for pictures, and colors!! 

We are so excited to make our announcement tonight!!! 

From now on, my posts will be dedicated to my SON/DAUGHTER!! 

Love, the proud parents to a baby ?????

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

19 Weeks...Size of a Grapefruit!

Well, we were 19 weeks on December 22!! Almost half way there! Our little one is now 8.47 ounces and 6.02 inches; about the size of a grapefruit! This week he/she is now covered with vernix, which is a white protective coating that protects the skin from damage to the womb. I get more in awe of God's creations as I see/feel one growing inside of me. This week, the baby is looking more proportioned; the arms and legs are more proportioned than they have ever been. Our little angel is awake about 6 hours a day, and I can feel he/she moving every minute of that! I feel the baby move the most when I am driving to and from work; maybe that's because I am alone and able to sing and talk to him/her :)  Another week of NO MORNING SICKNESS! Byron sure has been craving sweets this week, and I continue to crave salty foods! We find out the gender for sure in ONE WEEK! Reveal party is December 31 from 6-7 at our home and I am already getting stuff ready for that! I can't believe that this is our last Christmas without our baby! I'm so ready for 2014 it's unreal!! My sister got him/her some Green Bay Packers Onesies! Byron was exciting and said he/she will definitely be raised right! :)

Our weekly pictures! I got to go home for the weekend and visit my parents and siblings, so my dad took a 19 week belly pic with me! Hands down, he will make the funniest, most loveable and silliest PAPPY!
It was tradition when we were growing up that my mom got us each a new ornament every Christmas. At one of my wedding showers, she gave me all the ones she had gotten each year! Such a memorable tradition. My sister started baby Doughty's tradition with this adorable ornament :) I'm gonna get the year or the name we choose written on it :)
Another gift from my sister! Byron loves the Packers and so will our little one :)
Starting decorating today for our reveal party coming up! My little sister made these for me!!
Only 21 weeks to go!! Lots to do, but HURRY up MAY 18, 2014!
Byron, Kristin, Big Brother Thorn and Baby Doughty

Thursday, December 19, 2013

18 Weeks...Size of a Dragon Fruit!

Well, on December 15th we were 18 weeks! Our baby was the size of a Dragon Fruit...WHAT IS THAT?!?!? haha...Anyways, the baby's weight this week is approximately 6.70 ounces and measuring at 5.59 inches...ALMOST HALF A FOOT!! This week our little bundle of joy can hear sounds much more clearly from outside the womb...talk about sweetness and love...Byron will get down on his knees, place his hands on my belly and talk to our angel! My heart melts every time, and I just know he/she is smiling :) Myelin, which is a protective coating of the nerves is now being produced. On December 9th, our Doctor called us to inform us that all the chromosomal testing came back negative....GOD IS GOOD! My morning sickness is almost 100% gone!! Thank you JESUS! As we get closer to the half way mark, I continue to think about what life will be like come May 2014. Thoughts continue to cross my head such as, "Will I be a good mom?" or "What if my child gets made fun of?" or "Will I set the right example?" Parenting to me appears to be the hardest job there is, yet also the most rewarding!

Byron's cravings this week included...Chicken tacos, whole packs of Oreos, Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie, Sprite, and BBQ chips!!!

My Cravings this week included Orange Fanta Soda, easy mac, and strawberry yogurt!

Grocery shopping has been quite interesting :)

Next Ultrasound is December 31st!!! Reveal party that evening at 7pm at our home!!

We are so ready for the new year, and it's bittersweet knowing this is our last Christmas as a family of two!!

Mommy & Daddy Doughty

Sunday, December 8, 2013

17 weeks...size of an ORANGE!

Family & Friends,

Baby Doughty is growing and growing...he/she is up to 4.94 ounces and 5.12 inches tall! I can't believe this little miracle inside me is this size already; I remember comparing the size to a grain of rice! This week, little Doughty can make out the differences in flavors! I've been craving lots of salty things, so maybe this baby will like salty foods?!? We shall see! My weirdest craving so far has been drowning my sandwich in ketchup, and dipping my chips in ketchup...that only lasted a week (thank God cuz Byron was getting grossed out). This week, I have also been crazing orange Fanta and raspberry lemonade! This part is a little gross, but also cool...this week, the meconium (the first bowel movement the baby has after it's born) is forming in our little one's bowel! Size of an orange this week means he/she would fit comfortably in the palm of our hand! Our little one's brain is communicating constantly with the nervous system and the muscles. I'm praying this week that I start truly feeling my little blessing move. From watching the ultrasounds, he/she is a wild one, so surely I will feel a flutter soon :) As we get closer to being half way through our pregnancy, the reality continues to sink in!! I just pray Byron and I are emotionally and spiritually ready to welcome this little angel in our lives! Continue to pray for baby Doughty's health please! We love y'all!!!
Byron, Kristin, Thorn & Baby Doughty :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Week 16...size of an Avocado!

December 1, 2013 marked 16 weeks of being pregnant! We returned home from a weeks vacation this day! Our little one is now 4.57 inches and 3.53 ounces!!! The little bitty baby heart is now pumping 25 quarts of blood daily. He/she is remaining very active and continuing to practice all those movements he/she has learned. All the bones are finally hardening and the arms and legs are now completely formed! SOOOO cool! The little baby eyes still remain closed; however, they are making little movements and even have the ability to sense changes in light through the eyelids. The flexible thumbs are now able to grasp, preparing for the day when that tiny hand will wrap around our fingers....heart warming!! We had an ultrasound on December 3, when we were 16 weeks, and 2 days!! Our little one was stubborn and we were not able to find out the sex! Our Doctor, Dr. Michael Wood is amazing...we love how he spends so much time with us, is always promt and his bedside manners are immaculate! During this ultrasound, Dr. Wood kept getting the baby's back side, finally the baby turned a little and we got a big kick with the foot...how cute is this picture...can you see the wittle bitty toes!!??!
Our little lab is a little spoiled and we are working with him daily to be gentle and not so active so when the baby arrives, he isn't too hyper!

Next ultrasound is for December 31st at 8:30, where Dr. Wood said we will know 99% sure the gender! We are planning a small reveal party for that evening :)

Only 24 weeks to go!!

Blessed Parents to Be,

Byron and Kristin

Friday, December 6, 2013

Week 14 & 15...From a Peach to a Pear!

So...I'm behind on my blog, with due to ice/road conditions, I got to stay home from work today...So, our tree is going up, I'm wrapping gifts, cleaning house, and going to update my blog and maybe even get to our Christmas Letter! I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going! I'm going to do an update of my highlights and amazing facts from week 14 & 15, then I'll do a new post of week 16 :)

WEEK 14...3.42 inches, and weighing in at 1.52 ounces!! During week 14, baby Doughty began twisting and turning all the tiny joints in the body, and continued to move in my uterus! I haven't actually felt the baby move, but some gas pains lead me to think I'm feeling it, but not knowing since this is all new!! The baby's skin is still very translucent and the tiny veins in the body are now visible. This week the lungs are continuing to develop and the baby is practicing breathing with the amniotic fluid on a regular basis. Also, our little munchkin may be finding his/her thumb (I sucked my thumb til 10, so lets hope we can break that habit early if it does start)!! This part is heartwarming and tear jerking...our little miracle can now frown, grimace, and squint and all the reflexes are becoming stronger! My morning sickness is becoming less frequent (thank GOD). Byron continues to kiss my belly, rub my belly, and pray faithfully for the health of our blessing! He can't wait until he can feel the baby kicking!

 He continues to get more and more EXCITED!!!

WEEK 15...3.98 inches, and weighing in at 2.47 ounces...getting bigger!!
You ready for this, it's a miracle...this week, our precious angel can rub his/her eyes, yawn, and even blink! How amazing! Our baby this week has learned how to grasp ahold of the umbilical cord! Hair is beginning to grow on his/her head!! I bet it will be brown :) Our baby can now hear sounds, and can also hiccup! I had no morning sickness the whole week 15!!! I was very thankful for that because Byron and I took a whole week off work and spent it together in the deer woods! This was our baby's first (and not last) hunting adventure! We also took our boy Thorn and he had a blast! Here's a couple pictures!

Time is flying by quick!!


Byron, Kristin, Thorn, and Baby D