Friday, February 28, 2014

Week 28...only 12 weeks to go!!

Little Byron,

Guess what? Less than 12 weeks and you will get to make your way into the world! You are about 14.8 inches long and weigh almost 3 pounds!! You are blinking your eyes this week and you are recognizing more levels of light. Mommy and daddy went to see our doctor this week and we got to listen to your heartbeat and see pictures of you!! You kept waving at us, and sweet boy, mommy waved right back :) You have brought an enormous amount of joy to our lives already and I can't imagine how that will magnify once you arrive!!! The doctor also said your femur bones were very long, so thank goodness you will have daddy's height and not mommys! Your nursery is coming along and I can't wait to get it finished. You continue to move and kick and jump and do flips because mommy feels you moving all the time...I don't know if you ever sleep :) When I lay next to daddy, he can feel you kicking!! He loves it!!!! Little angel, you have no idea how much we love you already and we pray for you daily!!!

We will always love you Byron Michael Doughty! 

Love mommy and daddy

Thursday, February 20, 2014

27 weeks...about 1.93 pounds!

Handsome boy,
You have been growing now for 27 weeks! You are now around 14.14 inches and weigh about 1.93 pounds!! The amniotic fluid has decreased meaning mommy is feeling every move you make, which I love!!! Your neurons and brain tissue are developing rapidly and your brain waves are hard at work! Your skeleton is completely developed; however, your joints are not yet connected. Your tiny eyelids have begun to open and your retinas have begun to develop! What a miracle you are, something new happening each day! You are the center of mommy and daddy's world already! Daddy talks about taking you fishing and hunting all the time and mommy can't wait to share that special bond only shared between a mom and son!! We are getting so anxious for May! Mommy is nervous, but I know that is common! I've started showing a lot more and finally have my "baby bump!" Daddy still loves to kiss my belly, talk to you and is always asking "is he kicking?" or "is he awake?" Less than 13 weeks and our lives will change!!! We are so ready for this change and can't wait to have you here in our arms!!!

We love you with all our hearts sweet handsome boy!! We are all smiles over you! I often ask myself how I can love someone this much, and we give God all the glory and credit for YOU!!!

Love mommy and daddy 

Monday, February 10, 2014

26 weeks...3rd Trimester!

Little Byron,
Mommy is now in the 3rd and final trimester of my pregnancy! My oh my how this is flying by! We cannot wait to meet you, but I am also loving being pregnant! You are now about 14.02 inches and weighing about 1.68 pounds! So small, yet getting so big :) You are now able to pick up on rhythms and may even be moving to certain rhythms you are hearing! Mommy loves country music, especially old country and your daddy has a love for all kinds of music! I can't wait to see what you enjoy and love! I pray you take after your daddy in your love for music and the outdoors. Your brain is beginning a 
period of growth and over 50% of your energy will be used for this purpose. Your lungs are developing air sacks called alveoli and your membrane that allows for the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen is now thin enough for you to begin taking breaths!!! Your eyes are now completely developed and I can't wait to see what color they will be. My belly is beginning to fill out more and more each week! I'm still feeling great! You won't believe the look on daddy's face every time he feels or sees you make him so proud and we can't help but believe what a true miracle you are!! I haven't been having any unusual cravings, but can you believe that your dadd still is... Sweets, sweets, sweets... I just can't keep enough in the house! I'm making him some muffins right now! You are gonna have some awesome aunts and uncles and they can't wait to meet you!! If there is one thing I can PROMISE you right now, it's that mommy and daddy will love you no matter what! You will make mistakes in your life and you will see mommy and daddy make mistakes, but we will always love you! I pray that God teaches me and daddy how he wants us to raise you and that He continues to guide our decisions! We love you with all our hearts little Byron and smile all the time because of you! You have blessed us so much already and we can't wait until May! 

Goodnight little child of mine,

Love mommy and daddy 

Aunt Shell and I went shopping for you!! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

25 weeks...size of a papaya!

Dear Sweet Byron,
Mommy has now been carrying you for over 25 weeks and you are about 13.62 inches and weigh around 1.46 pounds!! I can't believe how fast these 40 weeks are going! This week your primitive memory is beginning to develop, meaning that music and voices will be leaving an impression in your little brain! Your daddy loves music, he's an amazing singer and he can't wait to teach you how to play the acoustic guitar with him! Your spine has over 1,000 ligaments, 150 joints, and 33 vertebrae! YOU ARE A MIRACLE FROM GOD, THE END! Your little nostrils are beginning to open this week! My favorite part of this week was that your daddy got to SEE YOU MOVE! He loves feeling you move around and kick but now he was able to watch my belly move! You are just like your don't like to sleep much. This week mommy has felt great!! I have been craving pop tarts and apples this week and drinking lots of orange juice! Daddy continues to want a dessert with every meal...cookies, brownies, cake, just anything sweet! 

This will soon be your spot every night... Hanging with daddy and Thorn!!

See you in less than 15 week, my precious SON!

Love, mommy and daddy and Thorn