Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 12 & 13!

Playing catch up from week 12 and 13. The past couple weeks, I've been pretty sick, but I'm making it knowing that the outcome is such a miracle. We have had some major changes in our little bundle since I last wrote! During week 12, the baby was approximately 2.13 inches, and weighed around 0.49 ounces! It was during this week that the liver and spleen began producing blood cells and the pancreas began to release digestive enzymes. If this isn't a miracle in itself, I don't know what is!! Now get this...this week, our angel is beginning to bend, stretch, kick and even make faces! WHAT?? But the most amazing thing about week 12 is that Byron and I got to LISTEN to the HEART BEAT! That's right, talk about teary eyes, and a heart full of love!! We had an ultrasound on 11/5/13, at 12 weeks and 2 days!! The picture was as clear as daylight to us...we saw the fingers, toes, ribs, butt cheeks, you name it. But when the loud beat of the heart was pounding in the room at 150, my heart literally stopped. It was the most precious moment; an indescribable feeling. Byron had drill the first weekend of November, so me and my little brother drove to Fayetteville to visit my family. So, my dad and I were able to do our "belly pics." HAHA

I would say my dad may be just a little excited; after all, this will be the first grandbaby on my side of the family.
 And I couldn't go home without a trip to Cabella's!! This would look great with peals too :)

How amazing is this picture! He/She looks so comfortable and warm! This was 11/5/13, at 12 weeks and 2 days!!

Byron was very excited about week's the last wee of the first trimester!!!
Week 12 was wrapped up with me doing more cleaning out of the guest bedroom to prepare for the nursery!! And just like that!!! The first trimester has come and gone!! And we are now in week 13, size of a kiwi!!

This week, our little one has grown to approximately 2.91 inches, and is now about 0.81 ounces! Still too small to determine the sex of the baby, but growing so much, our Dr. said I will soon start feeling it "flutter." This week, the little fists are able to open and close, and he/she is able to making sucking noises with it's mouth! It may possibly be this week that our little bundle will start sucking their thumb (after all, I sucked my thumb until  I was 12)!!! I've heard the next few weeks, I will begin to feel a lot better (Praise God). We did the old tale with the string and wedding ring, and it says BOY, but we will see! We are still tossing around names! Is anyone else's mother ALWAYS right? Well, my mom said she has a gut feeling it's a boy, so she spent her weekend at Carter's grabbing boy outfits!!
Our excitement continues to grow and grow. I'm looking forward to more milestones such as the gender reveal and the baby kicking!! Taking it day by day, and enjoying each blessing as it comes!! 

16 week appointment is December 3...crossing our fingers we find out the gender this date!!

Continuing to pray for a healthy, happy baby Doughty!

Love and Hugs,

Byron, Kristin, and Baby :)