Sunday, December 28, 2014

6 month post!

This is wayyyy past due but I find I spend my time giving LB my full attention and by the time I get me time after he goes to bed, I wanna spend it going to bed myself! So I'm finally getting time to post about his 1/2 birthday :) It's amazing to me the changes that can happen to someone so tiny in 6 months. To see these changes take place daily just blows my mind. At his 6 month well baby check up he weighed 18 pounds and 10.5 ounces and was 27.5 inches. His feet are about hanging out of his car seat! He's going to get his daddy's height! Or maybe his Uncle Daniel's! He is wearing size 3 diaper, 6/9 month clothes and 9 month pajamas!

LB is now sitting up on his own, can be a little wobbly at times but it's amazing how he is learning to catch his balance as well! He is Army crawling EVERYWHERE! He will disappear in a matter of seconds. Byron loves to play with LB on the floor! He says LB is tough and sometimes scares me with how rough he plays (he does that on purpose though)! LB adores Thorn and Thorn adores him; Thorn is so calm and gentle around it and they are becoming best friends!!

LB, you are mommy and daddy's pride and joy!

We love you!

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