Saturday, August 16, 2014

3 Months Old!

It's August 16, so I missed the real day, but yesterday LB turned another month older! It seems I just posted 2 month pictures, so it's crazy I'm already posting 3 month pictures! LB is growing so fast; he's flying through his wardrobe and SOON will be outgrowing his 3-6 month clothes! He still wears size 2 diapers, but not sure how much longer those will be comfy for him. He doesn't mind wearing hats, but I can't keep shoes on this litte fella at all.    


LB has started sharing little laughs with everyone and smiles all the time. His laugh is the sweetest sound ever. He is a very strong baby and holds his head up very well! He loves to stand up with help and will just bounce and grin the whole time! 

I started back to work August 4! LB is staying with his great nanny and they are both having a blast. I am barely in the door to drop him off and his great papa is reaching to get him out of his car seat! I'm so thankful he's able to stay with family! It wasn't until Tuesday that I had an emotional breakdown at work and started bawling. The days don't get easier, but it's good to be in a routine. 

LB got to ride on an airplane at just 10 weeks old! I was scared and nervous. I was gonna be that mom that everyone stares at in the airport and whispers under their breath "I hope they aren't on my flight." But there was nothing to be nervous about. 6 flights total and LB was perfect...I mean slept most of the flights or was awake and smiling. I went to Pennsylvania with my dad to visit all his family! 

It's impossible to write about everything that's happened in month 3 of LB's life, so here are some of my favorite pictures over the last month! 

My carhartt baby!

First airplane ride!!

Four generations :)

First kayak trip

He still adores bath time! I can't wait until he can sit up by himself and play in the tub!

Shopping trip to Branson with his nana and aunts!

Mommys first day back to work!

Survived the first week while mommy was at work!! Now cuddles all weekend!

Child of God!

Tummy time with daddy!

A little fun in the sun!

When you're a kid, colors are more vibrant, sounds are more beautiful and smells are more fascinating. Kids love brightly colored things. The world is captivating to a child. Ugly pots and pans can keep them entertained for hours and a cardboard box is the best gift ever! When a child asks "why?" it's because their awe of the world, not their need for logic or reason. God wants us to view Him with childlike eyes. To just trust Him and know no limits. To trust Him always. When you're a kid, you're parents are brave enough to scare monsters out of your closet, caring enough to heal owies with a kiss, strong enough to lift you high above their heads in play, and smart enough to plan your daily activities. When you are a kid, everything us simple. Right or wrong. Black or white. Then you grow up and things are more complicated. But for today, let's keep things simple. Let's keep it wonderful and amazing. Let's practice this until it becomes habit. Let's have childlike eyes. 

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