Sunday, January 25, 2015

8 Months Old!

On January 15, LB turned 8 months old!

Size 3 diapers
Mostly 12 month clothes and 18 month PJ's
Size 3 shoes
Bathes in the tub now
Pulling up on the couch
Eating lots of table food
No teeth yet

My list could go on and on. This little boy is amazing. He is learning so many things, including the word "NO!" haha.  LB's has begin pulling up on EVERYTHING...the couch, the dog, chairs, the TV cabinets, in his crib, opening his dresser drawers...this boy is an explorer. He takes steps along objects! Today, he stood up, and let go and Byron and I were amazed! How can this be happening already. I'm ready for him to learn new things but it's still sad at the same time. I guess this means we are getting pretty close to walking independently. We bought him his first pair of tennis shoes, and he was a little unsure of them at first and just liked to untie them and bang them on the floor, but soon he will realize that they are for support and he will be on the run! He has also graduated from the "army crawl" to crawling on all fours. He loves to be chased when crawling so I can only imagine how much he will like to be chased when he learns to run and play outside; oh how I can't wait for spring because this boy loves to be outdoors!!

This boy can sure eat. He loves ALL fruits, including prunes! He will not drink any kind of juice, but after all that is loaded with sugar, so I'm fine with that! He is not a big fan of baby food veggies, but will eat green beans and steamed carrots off my plate! Everytime he sees Byron or me eating, he thinks he HAS to eat too. He has had quite the experience with food already! He still drinks about 4-5 six ounce bottles a day and 1-2 overnight! We are working on sleeping better at night, but on average he still wakes up 1-2 times. He starts off in the crib, and somehow when I wake up, he's in my bed :)

He still loves bathtime! He will splash and splash and throw his toys in the water over and over! He's also practicing brush his gums because we still don't have teeth yet!

He spent his first night away from Byron and I (actually for a week) from December 27-January 3! He stayed with his Nana and Pappy and aunts and uncles! He had a blast and so did they! Although that weekend, he got sick for the first time, and when I mean sick, not just the average runny nose or cold, but a bad case of croup! He had to get a steroid shot and was on oral steroids; oh how that broke my heart! I slept sitting up with him and with his every barking cough, my heart broke more. It took about a week, but then he was back to his goofy, smiling, silly self!

I love this little guy to pieces and can't wait to see what the next 8 months bring!!