Friday, July 18, 2014

2 Months Old!

Even though it feels like just yesterday I met LB face to face, he turned two months old this past Tuesday, July 15! And I'll just say this to clarify...anytime I say "I can't believe he's this big, or this old, or can do this or that"....I REALLY that I am a mom, I truly see how fast they grow and change, and I am here to say it...I believe everything my mom told me about being a MOMMY. I put the post off for a couple days because he had his two month check-up at the Pediatricians office and I wanted to have his new stats. We have some new numbers! At his first well check up visit when he was 4 days old, he weighed 7#10oz, was 18 3/4 inches, and his head circumference was 13 1/2. LB now weighs 13#2oz (79th percentile), is 24 inches (83rd percentile), and has a head circumference of 15.75 (48th percentile). I can't believe he is 2 feet tall!! (See I caught myself saying "I can't believe it" BUT I really CAN!!) What a growing boy. He also had to get 3 shots today, he screamed like you wouldn't imagine. I nursed right after, and he was instantly happy. 

We got home from the doctor and he forgot he had even gotten shots! Thats my boy, all smiles :)

We have said goodbye to ALL the newborn outfits, and MOST of the 0-3 months. He still wears some 0-3, but mainly just 3 months, and some 3-6!! 
And of course I had fun snapping some pictures of him on Tuesday! 

He is smiling so much now, and cooing a lot too! 

I often catch myself thinking, "Where does my day go?" Being at home for 10 weeks already I would have thought I would have a spotless house and my husband would have a meal every night made from scratch, but NO! I love getting to spend all my time with LB; however, I thougt I would be able to get more done! My days now consist of diaper changes, nursing, singing nursery rhymes, nursing, bath time, nursing, baby talk, nursing, capturing his sweet smile on camera, changing diapers, oh and nursing :) This boy is beginning to stay awake a LOT more during the day, which means fewer and fewer naps! I just adore watching him sleep. One minute we talk to each other on the couch, the next we play on the floor on his activity mat, but his favorite is to be outside...just looking around! We sing together, and we smile at each other until our cheeks hurt. I would rather sing "You are my Sunshine" than clean my bathroom or dust our bookshelves. I would rather change a stinky diaper than do a load of laundry! When he does nap, I have the intention of getting so much done, but I can't put him down, I JUST CAN'T HELP BUT STARE AT MY BOY WHILE HE'S SLEEPING.

Some fun adventures during the past month included:

June 21- First Trip to Cabella's

June 28- First Nap in his Crib

June 28- First National Guard Family Day

June 28- First Time Swimming and LOVED IT!

July 6- First Trip to the Zoo- Little Rock 

SOOO MUCH more happened and I will cherish every moment!

We started having him sleep in his crib on July 11 and he actually does better there than in our room in his cradle! He sleeps from about 9pm-2am, then I nurse and he will sleep again from 3am-6am (on a good night). I am tired, I get cranky, I don't get housework done, but I wouldn't have it any other way. This boy is my everything, and I just love him to pieces. Below are some of my favorite pictures over the past month! I could post 4,567,765.543 pictures :)


Thank you Lord for blessing me with this sweet baby boy!