Monday, June 16, 2014

ONE Month Old!

June 15, 2014...Happy one month birthday to LB and happy first Father's Day to Big Byron! Byron left for AT yesterday so he missed his first Father's Day, but we will celebrate when he gets home in 2 weeks! Well LB is already one month old and that's so hard for me to wrap my brain around. It seems like he was just born...actually it seems like we just found out we were pregnant! I sure do love this little guy. It's crazy to say this, but Byron and I can really tell he's grown...taller for sure! LB is so strong; he is working so hard on holding his head up and also will push up from my body with his legs. I'm loving being home with this little guy everyday! His personality is slowing emerging! These next couple months I will learn so much about my boy! There were many firsts this months and many more firsts to come!  

One month old:
* You wear size one diapers
* You wear size 0-3 month clothes
* You are making eye contact
* You are holding your head up for a couple seconds 
* You snore and I love it!!!

Telling daddy bye before he leaves for AT! So sweet!

Can't wait to see what our little man learns this next month!!! 

We love you sweet boy! 

Love mommy and daddy!