Tuesday, April 29, 2014

37 weeks...almost there!!

To my perfect little boy, 

It's almost time to welcome you into this world. I'm speechless! I'm in awe of God's amazing miracle he has given to me and your daddy! Today, mommy had a doctors appointment (37 weeks, 2 days) and I was at a 2!!! That means you are ready to meet us any day!!! Daddy continues to say our daily prayer each night and you are number one on that list :) We can't wait to teach you about God's unconditional love! Daddy's cousin Brandy took some maternity pictures last week, and they turned out great! We can't wait to take pictures with you!! We are ready for you, so come any day now sweet angel!! 

We love you Byron Michael! 

Love mommy and daddy

Monday, April 21, 2014

36 weeks...Happy Easter Lil Byron!

Happy Easter baby boy! I put extra candy in daddy's Easter basket for you :)
You will be here in less than a month now! I know we are ready!! You are weighing over 6 pounds now; you are such a big boy! Your cheek muscles are developing, creating the chubby cheek appearance! Mommy only has 2 1/2 weeks left of work and I'll be off until August! Although I'm getting pretty miserable, I would carry you in my tummy again in a heartbeat! You have taught me so much already and you aren't even here yet! You are a miracle, you are a child of God and you are loved unconditionally by so many people already! God has created you and we are more than ready to teach you about His love and show you how much we love you!!! We celebrated Easter at aunt Sheila's house this year and next year you will get to join in the fun! Mommy is now going to the doctor every Tuesday and tomorrow we get to find out if mommy has dialated any! So many emotions! I'm so ready for you to be here! I can't wait to sleep on my tummy again! Haha

We are so ready for you to change our whole world, sweet sweet boy!!

Hurry up :)

Love mommy and daddy 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 35...5 weeks left!

Baby boy, 

Where has the time gone? You will be here shortly, and our whole world will be changed! We will love you unconditionally and we will learn what this thing called "parenting" is all about. We couldn't be more thrilled, excited, scared, blessed and ready than we already are! During week 35, you start a period of rapid weight gain; the doctor said you will gain about 1/2 a pound a week until you are born! Your room is all ready, but mommy is so anxious, that I go in there everyday and rearrange something or just look through all your cute clothes! You keep mommy awake almost all night now..I know you are just preparing me, so thank you sweet angel! This weekend, we are doing a maternity shoot and having someone take lots of pictures of daddy and mommy with my pregnant belly :) Then you get to have a photo shoot of just you the week you are born. Mommy loves pictures and daddy hates them (but mommy always talks him into taking them)! 

Not much longer LB! Keep kicking me, cuz here in 5 weeks, I'll miss my pregnant belly and those painful kicks in my ribs!!

Love mommy and daddy

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Week 34...due NEXT month!!!

Dear Byron Michael, 
This week is coming to an end already and I wanted to tell you about the amazing experience of week 34! First off, we had our LAST ultrasound on April 8, when we were 34 weeks and 2 days. You weighed 5.5 pounds and doctor said you had some chubby cheeks!! He guessed you would weigh about 7 1/2 to 8 pounds at birth! Oh, how I wanted to just pinch your cheeks with love right there!!! You were moving quite a bit during the ultrasound and it made the pictures kind of blurry, haha! This week, your lunugo (body hair) is gone and your immune system is no longer relying on the antibodies from the placenta. The vernix (thick layer of protection on your skin) is disappearing; however, a little bit of it will remain at birth. Your digestive system is now functioning all on its own! You are now peeing up to a pint a day!! We definitely are stocked up on diapers!! Mommy and daddy's families threw a baby shower in your honor on Saturday, April 5! We had it at Temple Missionary Baptist Church and let me just say, YOU ARE ONE BLESSED BABY BOY! You were showered with many necessities, cute outfits, towels, books, bath toys, strollers, car seats,  but most importantly you were showered with LOVE! Here are some pictures/highlights of week 34! 

It's impossible to describe the love we have for you already, but please know that no one loves you more than JESUS, mommy and daddy ;)


Love mommy and daddy!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week 32 & 33 <3

Dear LB (as daddy has been calling you),
Mommy is playing catch up again on these letters to you! During week 32, you began using all 5 of your senses! You are curious, looking around and practicing a lot of breathing. You are becoming more alert of my voice and daddy's voice! You were weighing about 3 1/2 pounds this week and measuring tall at 34 centimeters! We got your dresser this week and it took daddy 3 days to put it together! Hehe!! Your pappy and nana Hawes visited for the weekend and we had a blast! Nana finished your bedding, pappy bought you your first ball cap and they bought the recliner for your nursery! Here are some pictures from week 32 :) 

Now we are in week 33!!!! Baby boy, mommy is ecstatic about meeting you!!!!! I can hardly stand it! It's so hard to describe my love for you!!! We don't have our next ultrasound until April 8, but I bet you will be over 4 pounds by then!! This week, your brain is developing more distinct functions and is capable of controlling all your breathing, digestive functions, and body temperature! You can now tell the difference between night and day; however, I think you think it's day all the time! It makes me so happy every time I feel you move! When you get the hiccups, it melts my heart!! This coming weekend is your baby shower; I'm so excited; you are one blessed little boy already!! Daddy has been fishing a lot and he cannot wait until you can fish with him! We continue to pray for you sweet angel, and before we know it, you will be here in our arms! 

YOU, Byron Michael Doughty, are an answered prayer!! Thank you Lord for my little family :)

Love mommy and daddy :)))))