Tuesday, January 28, 2014

24 weeks...16 to go!!

Dear Byron Michael,
Another week has come and gone! Closer and closer to holding you in our arms! This week you are about 11.81 inches and 1.32 pounds!! Your hair is now the color it will be at birth! Daddy said he wants you to grow a rat tail mullet like he had when he was little, but we will see! Your lungs are developing more and preparing for your first breath when you are born. We had a doctors appointment to check on you today and you are above average in height! You were measuring exactly 25.5 centimeters and the doctor said 24 was average this week!! Your tiny heart was beating at 140 and makes me numb when I hear it!! You are perfect, healthy and such a blessing to me and daddy!! I can't believe in less than 16 weeks you will finally be here! You are just moving around like crazy now! Daddy is feeling you move more and more and loves it!! We continue to pray for you and us as a family each and every day! I hope you like camo, cuz your room will be covered in it ;)

Keep doing flips baby boy! Goodnight and sweet dreams! Mommy and daddy love you more than you can imagine!! 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week 23...only 17 weeks to go!

Dear Little Byron,
This week you have grown to about 11.38 inches and are weighing about 1.10 pounds! God has created you and this week He is forming your cerebrum: the part of your brain that is responsible for memory, motor skills, and intellect. Rapid eye movements are beginning to occur during your sleep. Your hair is gaining more color and your skin is getting more pigment! I think about you all the time and I can't wait for my whole life to change because of you!!! Daddy will place his hand on my belly and pray for me, him and most importantly you. Your daddy is very special and he's going to be your best pal. He can't wait to take you hunting and fishing and let you play in the mud! I think about who you will look like all the time... Whose eyes will you have, whose hair color, and whose personality? I have realized that there is nothing I need to get you except LOVE! Although there is so much to prepare to get ready for your arrival, as long as you are happy and healthy, material things don't matter. I got your first pair of flip flops this week and I can't wait to see your little toes wiggling in them!! I love when you are awake and moving around! You make me smile all day long! Only 17 weeks sweet boy and you will be in my arms!

Goodnight little angel, 



Thursday, January 16, 2014

22 weeks...Daddy feels you kick for the first time!!!

Dear Little Byron, 
Oh how I fall in love with you more every day! Every little move you make makes my heart skip a beat! You are such a tiny miracle and growing more and more everyday! This week you are approximately 10.94 inches and 15.17 ounces--you are almost one pound sweet boy! Your motor skills and coordination are becoming better this week! How amazing for me to find out these small details about you! Your hair is WHITE right now....that's because the pigment has not developed yet! Red hair runs on both mommy and daddy's side...I just can't wait to see all the tiny details God made---the color of your hair, the color of your eyes, the shape of your nose, and your precious little smile! 

The best thing about this week was January 15th at about 8:30pm...you were wide awake and kicking like crazy...I grabbed your daddy's hand and placed it on my belly and HE FELT YOU KICK!! He was so excited and I'll never forget his smile! As you get bigger, daddy will feel you more and more!! You are staying awake a lot longer--mommy loves when you move!!! 

This week I'm craving chocolate Frosty's from Wendy's and chips and salsa! Daddy is craving meat and chocolate cake with strawberry frosting! 

I'm starting to get stuff for your nursery--- it's gonna be camo with greens, browns and hunter orange! Aunt Shell and I have a shopping day planned coming up!! 

Well my sweet angel, keep kicking and flipping for me, I love feeling your movement! Not too much longer and mommy and daddy get to hold you in our arms!!

Goodnight sweet boy, mommy and daddy are in awe of God blessing us with you!

See you soon,

Mommy and daddy and big brother Thorn

Sunday, January 5, 2014

21 weeks...size of a cantaloupe!

Dear Byron Michael,
There is no way to describe how much me and daddy love you already! We have laughed, cried, and smiled continuously every time we think about you, which is all day :) you are becoming such a big boy and in just 19 weeks we get to hold you!! This week you are about 10.51 inches and are weighing about 12.70 ounces! You are moving around like crazy, but daddy still hasn't felt you move! I can't wait until daddy can feel you kicking! You are beginning to blink your eyes, I hope you have daddy's eyes! Mommy went shopping for you this weekend and you will have plenty of clothes! Daddy had drill this weekend and we got ton enjoy a late Christmas dinner with his Army family! Next time, you will be with us! Your big brother Thorn is ready to meet you too! He's spoiled, but will soon be your best pal. Mommy hasn't had any new cravings this week, just still wanting salty foods! Here's a couple pictures of me and daddy this week! 

And here is some of your new clothes! You get to wear wife beaters like daddy!! 

We love you to pieces SON,  

Goodnight little angel.

Love Mommy and Daddy! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Would we be having a princess named Pyper Rae or a prince named Byron Michael?!? 
We did our gender reveal December 31st and 45 of our closest friends and family were there to watch in anticipation. Our appointment was 8:30 that morning and that's when we found out we were having a BOY! Most bittersweet moment of the pregnancy so far! As Byron and I held hands and watched the ultrasound screen together, we anxiously awaited to see the boy or girl parts!! The baby was stubborn at first and moving around like crazyyyyy but finally BAM it was noticeable! We kept it a secret until 7pm that night!! Here's some pictures!! My posts from now on will be written as a letter to my son, Byron Michael Doughty that he will someday get to read and cherish! 

Now it's time to buy some overalls, pearl snaps and cowboy boots :) 
Mommy and daddy are crying tears of joy over you! 

We love you so much Byron Michael!